Thursday, October 28, 2010

You make my heart smile and my soul dance!!!

  1. I love the way you call any food you like "nummy treats".  "Mama, nummy treat peas, nummy treat"?!
  2. I love the way you call Mama when you wake up in the morning and when I go in to get you you are smiling from ear to ear and give me a big hug.
  3. I love your slobbery kisses which are plentiful.
  4. I love your enthusiasm for life, not just your energy which you have in abundance but your love for EVERYTHING!
  5. I love the way you LOVE your Daddy and he loves you back.
  6. I love the way you make my heart smile and soul dance.
  7. I love your sweet little toes, which are always moving and wiggling.
  8. I love the way you look up at me.
  9. I love your smell first thing in the morning when you come in our bed and cuddle with me.
  10. I love when you don't know I am watching you and you are cuddling and kissing your "babies". It's so sweet to see the love that you want to give to everyone, even your dolly's.
  11. I love the sound of your sweet little voice.
  12. I love watching you discover new things.
  13. I love when you giggle uncontrollably.
  14. I love your beautiful blue eyes.
  15. I love it when I am walking out of your room at night after putting you to bed, as I'm walking out the door I say, I love you baby, sweet dreams, sleep tight and I hear your sweet little voice from under the covers saying, love you Mama, seet deems, seep tight.

When I was a little girl and actually up even into my 20's my Dad would always bring me a rose on my Birthday.  I remember being probably 7 or so and sitting on the floor in the middle of my party and seeing my Dad walk in with it in his hand. Mario knows this story, I had told him at some point.  Yesterday he came walking in the door with something covered up with a bag that he went upstairs and hid.  I went up to our bathroom and he was putting a rose in a vase. He said, "You told me how your Dad used to always bring you a rose on your Birthday and this is to give Stella tomorrow....
I love him. I love her.
Stella had a rockin day.
Dada brought her breakfast in our bed while her and I watched the new "tinky" movie.
She opened some presents.
We walked on the beach, she caught some crabs in a bucket, we watched dolphins play, she found a "hidden" present in the brush.
She opened more presents.
We took her to dinner.
She got to watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.
My baby is 2.

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