Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Family Shower

Here are a few overdue pics from our family shower a few weeks ago...

Since Grandma Cathy couldn't be there she sent us some flowers. The pink rose signifies baby "Gertrude"!
Great Grandma Tuten made us some booties. They are so cute and completely remind me of the ones my Grandma Dorothy used to make!

Diaper cake made by Auntie Rachel and Grandma Susie
Nana got her this beautiful music box, it has a lot of really pretty detail and matches great with her room!!!

I only have 6 days of work left, not including weekends. Then again whose counting? ;)
I am so excited for that day. I always hear "Oh, you have plenty of time" and "Oh just wait til the last month" so we will be down to the end by the time I am done with work, and no one can say that anymore. I am also waiting til that point to get certain things done, it seems close enough then that I am not jumping the gun. I need to finish the room and pack the diaper bag, get all the last minute stuff, wash all the sheets, bedding, clothes and stuff. Those kinds of things. I also have projects in my head to keep me nice and busy. You know important things like....afternoon nap. ;) Just kidding, there actually is a lot of stuff I keep thinking, "I can get to that when I am home". Plus I think Mario has a running list in his head also. I'm gonna be one busy girl! :) Which will hopefully make October speed by...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Gertrude's Room

We aren't 100% percent sure on a name yet so for now I'll call her Gertrude. ;)

We've been working on her room and have alot done so far, I am going to get all the details and finishing touches done in the next few weeks so I'll post more then but for now here's a few work in progress pics!

We started with a yellow...

Then added green stripes.

I still have a bunch to do but I will also be able to get a lot done when I am home. My last day of work is October 9th so I'll finish it up soon after I'm sure. We still need to get the Rocker/Glider, the curtains, I'm waiting for the crib skirt and bumper to be finished, we need to do wall stuff....those kinds of things. Mario's step sister and family threw us a shower last weekend so I'll post some pics from that before the weekend is over!

Baby Girl!!!

As most of you know we are having a baby girl soon! We can't wait and are so excited for her to get here! We got the great news soon after we got back from the honeymoon, we were going to officially start "trying" right after the wedding but said if it happens it happens. Luckily it happened way sooner then later! We did one of those 4D ultrasounds which was SO cool because from everyone that had done them I had heard how much the baby ended up looking like the picture! Well we had some technical difficulties! The technician got some great pics and printed out over 20 for us but when she went to move them to disk she lost them. Grrrr...so they let us come back the next week to try to get some more. Well, this technician wasn't so eager. While she was hamming it up a little more for the camera we saw some great live shots BUT she never seemed to capture them! SO frustrating. Needless to say we don't have all that great of ones digitally unless I want to go scan some in. Here's a ok one out of the few I have on the computer. She SO has Mario's nose. Oh and of course they guaranteed us that she had my green eyes. Haha, just kidding the pics aren't THAT good!