Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Old CMT Pics...

I was bored and wanted to post some new pics but all I have to chose from are the one's I have saved on online albums. So I am going to post some oldies but goodies from Nashville and my old job. Thinking about my time in Nashville and all the great memories I have makes me smile so it's good to revisit periodically...
Our Giants set...

Reba rehearsing

Y-One of the coolest chics around. She gave me this whole talk on how women could be so smart when it came to family and business then could be so dumb when it came to men. Which ended up being prophetic when her husband got in all sorts of trouble a few months later. He seemed to be really nice too, you never know. She was telling me how she had went to the "fat farm" (her words not mine) and she thought everyone should go. She said it was a huge learning experience.


Kristian and Jennifer.

Dolly-I know she is a legend obviously but personality wise not one of my faves.

Kelly is one of the most down to earth people I've met so far. She is a cool chick and will just sit and chat with you.

I love this picture of Faith Hill.

I used to pass Leanne's house on the way home and she decorates her yard for EVERY holiday with 6-10 foot tall blow up decorations. Even the fourth and easter. The 10 ft tall bunny is hilarious.

One of the nicest ladies around, you can just see/feel this aura around her...

Hollywood Blvd. Scary. :)

Kenny's birthday party. He rented out a small club and threw his own party. Everyone from Gretchen Wilson to Tim and Faith showed up. He was on stage for about 3 hours and brought everyone up to do songs with him. That guy knows how to throw a party!

Tim and Faith hung out in the back of a uhaul

Jake Owen played a show for CMT's ad sales crew from NY. I've worked with Jake a few times and he's a pretty nice guy. Very tall unlike Kenny and Keith. :)

Randy Owen came and did a few songs with him.

Cowboy Troy at Nashville Star Finale party.

Anastasia Brown

Darn Technology....

Our computer had to check into the hospital. :( The other day we went to turn it on and it was just dead. We had to send it back to the manufacturer to fix it, which takes up to ten business days. Which in laymen terms is 12 weeks, Kidding...kinda. Luckily it is definitely still under warranty since it's less then a year old but a pain in the butt for sure. I have some new pics to upload but can't connect our camera til we get it back. I still haven't even had a chance to upload honeymoon pics!