Thursday, March 15, 2012


When Stella was born I bought the prettiest Amy Butler fabric and had her crib set made.  I wanted something unique, not something a million other people bought from Pottery Barn.  Don't get me wrong, love Pottery barn. Just makes me cringe as it's hardly unique in the slightest bit and seems to be the Old Navy of children's bedding and things. So, slight tangent but because I had it made it was special to me and I didn't just want to sell it.  On the other hand, what do you do with a crib bumper and skirt. It's been sitting on the top shelf in Stella's room for quite a while now.  I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with it yet. The other day on Pinterest (of course) I saw the cutest rabbits. Light bulb. I could make a rabbit lovie out of it! It would be something cute for her to love on, it would be special since it was made from her crib bedding and I could finally pull the bulky crib bumper out of her closet! I personally LOVE how it turned out. If you would like a cute keepsake bunny made out of your child's crib set or even part of it you can get your own custom bunny at my space on etsy. I won't be adding it until tomorrow but if your interested or even to just get one out of fabric that I can get take a look here after tomorrow.  I can add any colors or fabric you would like or make it solely out of your material. Just send me the material you would like it made out of and I will send you the bunny plus any extra material leftover. Stella has it in her bed and uses it kinda like a pillow pet. Stella loves hers and I am glad that I can look at her bunny and remember her as an itty bitty baby in her pretty crib.