Thursday, January 26, 2012

We're alive...

Yes, we are alive. Stella started preschool 2 days a week and gymnastics has started back up.  We've also been doing A LOT of projects. House and fun projects. We were in crafty overload over the holidays.  The other day we had some friends over and decorated heart cookies and made these snazzy little wands. We took a kitchen skewer and snipped the sharp ends off.  I sewed together 2 hearts out of felt with white yarn.  Then we stuffed it with some leftover pillow filler. You can have them put something else inside it, like glitter, before you close it up. Kinda like build a bear. But of course we forgot that part. :) Then I put craft glue on the stick and stuck it in the bottom of the heart where I had left a little space.  I rolled the wand in mod podge and Stella sprinkled it with glitter of her choice. :) Lastly, I tied a ribbon on held in place with a little glue. She loves it and has been "turning me into things" such as a carriage or fairy godmother all week.
Be back soon...lots to catch up on.