Monday, October 18, 2010

Home Turf

Saturday it was back to our "home turf".  We had a great but busy weekend.  Friday my friend Jenny and I took the kids to the children's museum.  Saturday we headed down to our beach, then Sunday we had a Birthday party for Mario's dad. Stella built sandcastles and Mario threw out the cast net and came up with some bait fish that could have entertained Stella for hours.  She had so much fun seeing them jump around and throwing them back.  She wasn't scared of them AT ALL!
She actually still has a fish in her hand. Bleck.
Boy does this girl love the beach.  She sat in this hole and dug for probably an hour straight. Sometimes when I go get her in the morning her first words are, "Beach Mama"! The weather was gorgeous and we were talking about how we probably only have a few more weekends to be able to go and actually wear swimsuits.  I always wish for the heat and humidity to go away but once this weather gets here I wish it would just stay forever but all too soon it's gone and the cold is here.  For now though, we will enjoy it.
On another note I have a Mammogram this week.  To much information for this blog, I know.  There are 2 reasons I am bringing it up.  1 is to throw it out there to the universe for positive energy. 2 because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I want to say if you are saposed to go and have been putting it off GO.  If you have never had one and have been putting it off please GO! If you have them every year and are just procrastinating GO! Early detection in anything health related is so important.  If you have a family history they recommend starting them at 35, but there is also something to do with the age of diagnosis so ask your Dr. what they recommend. This is close to home though.  Mom will be done with her 33 radiation sessions next week.  Her treatment will be done and hopefully she can head down the road to recovery.  There have been a lot of health scares/issues with family this year. Mom included.  I think for this reason I am scared. Irrational most likely, I know.  You can't help how you feel though.  I think if it were a gall bladder test or something that wasn't so close to home I wouldn't sweat it.  This though is heavy on my heart this week. I also hate tests that don't give immediate results, you have to wait for the Dr. to call you. Cruel and unusual punishment. So for now I am going to soak up my most wonderful baby girl and enjoy every moment. 

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