Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Big shocker...

We spent last Saturday at the beach. I know, your floored right. :)

Last weekend we drove out (an hour away) to the island where we got married.  We are also going camping for a few days there soon.  I am scared. Not sure if anyone remembers this trip or how I was hijacked but I do. Mario and Aubrey used to go every year on her spring break. She asked him if we could go. He twisted my arm and promised a grand time.  Hopefully there won't be a monsoon this trip & luckily there is a hotel on the island in case of monsoon.


It's been awhile. Again. I don't know what the deal is but I just haven't been into posting lately. I just haven't felt like it. I also haven't been taking very many pictures so there hasn't really been any to post. 

Spring is here's been at least 70, closer to 80 degrees the last 10 or so days. Beautiful weather. We have spent much of our days out playing in the yard or sprinkler. Well, that sure was a quick winter this year.  It was quite nice at Stella's Bday party on Halloween, so pretty much Nov-Feb.  Works for me. I JUST switched out my dresses and shorts about a month ago for pants and sweaters.  Wasn't even worth it. I have a big plastic storage container that I put all my sweaters in and pull them out, usually Novish until Aprilish. Gonna have to get Mario to pull it back out since they are predicting 80 for the next 10 days and I I don't have a single pair of shorts in this house.

Stella miraculously stopped climbing out of her crib.  Just like that. The day we got the railing for her toddler bed.  Mario started to put it together, but then we had to put it off until the next night when it was taking a little longer then expected to get up.  After she didn't attempt escape that night, we waited another. Then another. So now the toddler bed is temporarily on hold until the little escape artist remembers the taste of freedom.

Stella continues to be a huge chatterbox and is hours of entertainment. The last few weeks it was all about Valentimes. Yes, that was not a misspelling that is what she calls it. Valentimes.  "Mommy", where's my Valentimes treat?"

She's up to about 9 words continually.  Yes, occasionally Mario counts.  It's really funny if she backs up 2 sentences into each other. Girl can ramble. Again, it's really strange. Not quite sure where she got her gift of gab from. I am quite shy. What? You don't believe me? Hmm, weird.

The other day I was changing her and I leaned over, gave her a big kiss and said "Stella Mommy loves you soooo much"!  She replied..."Mommy, I love Dada".
Chopped liver. I tried to gently remind her who changes the sweet treats she leaves in her diaper but she doesn't care. She loves her daddy.
The minute he gets home she is it at his heels.
Oh and she loves to boogie.  She'll come up to you and say "Dance with me, dance with me"! 
She's also taken up waving. To everyone. The other day I was driving and I look in the rear view mirror and she's waving to the postal carrier in the car next to us...he didn't see her but that didn't stop her.  She waves at cars that drive by when we are outside. Sometimes she even throws in a "Hi peoples"!
When I was her age I would invite people over at the grocery store. This is back in the day when people weren't so worried about you talking to strangers. My mom says that I walked up to my Mom with a lady and said, "Mommy, she's coming over for tea"!
Love her.

An old friend turned me on to this blog and I love her style. I just adore the dialogue
 she has with her kids and approach to parenting. Looks like she's recently started her blog but hopefully we'll see more from her.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tangy Pork Chops

 I made these Monday. Then this morning I gave Mario the option of a few different things for dinner.  He requested the pork chops again. My husband is a carnivore. He has to have some sort of meat with every meal or he will be feigning hunger again in 20 minutes. I am a rabbit. I love salads and pretty much lived on them before. Seriously I would probably have meat once every few weeks, if that. I've had to learn to cook meats and come up with recipes that I like too.  We are still compromising on things like brown vs white rice and regular vs wheat pasta but he's pretty open minded and for the most part agreeable.  Although you can see on this dish he won out on the rice portion. These are boneless and I use the crock pot. I leave them in around 8 hours on low. I also triple (yes triple) the sauce as I take about a cup or so out and heat it to have on the side to drizzle on rice and pork chops.  The remainder marinates the chops in the crock pot! :) 

Tangy Pork Chops

1 Tablespoon Soy Sauce
2 Tablespoon Vegetable Oil
1 Tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce
1 teaspoon Lemon Juice
2 Tablespoons Brown Sugar
2 Tablespoons Ketchup
6 Pork Chops

1.  Preheat Oven to 350 degrees (I use crock pot)
2.  In bowl, thoroughly blend all ingredients except pork chops
3.  Place pork chops in baking dish and cover with 1/2 the sauce
4. Bake pork chops 30 minutes.  Turn, and spread with remaining sauce.  Continue baking 30 minutes or until done.