Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recovering from the Mouse

They have all sorts of activities for adults and kids at the condos we stayed at.  The last morning they brought down ice cubes with little plastic bugs frozen in them and released them in the kids pool.  Stella had a great time trying to catch them.  What a great idea and I'm going to copy it, well probably NEXT summer! They filled up water balloons and then put the bugs in the balloons and froze them. After they were frozen they took the balloon off the ice cube which left a ball of ice with the bug frozen inside.  The ice cubes floated around and melted fairly quickly but the kids had a great time finding the "bugs"!

Stella loves the beach chair Nana got her! Perfect size!

We were wiped out after Disney and spend the last 2 days at the Beach and Pool!  Lots of relaxing going on and recovering from our Disney hangover.

There was an air show that weekend so we got to see them practicing out over the water most of the afternoon. Other then being a tad loud at times it was so cool to watch!

Stella surprised us the last night, as she figured out how to get out the pack and play.  She has yet to try with her crib at home but the only place we could put it in the room was right next to the bed. She had been "asleep" or quiet for about half an hour and we were sitting watching TV in the living room.  She got out of the pack and play, opened the door and walked right out into the living room. She was quite proud of herself.  This led to a 3 hour stand off between her and I. I tried laying down with her and she just wanted to play.  I put her in the pack and play and she would just get in and out. She thought it was a game. Finally I just had to put her in and sit there on the bed Super Nanny style, putting her back in if she tried to get out. She even outlasted her Dad who fell asleep on the couch while all the fun was going on in the bedroom. Poor girl was probably funned out and overtired but Mom was pooped after she finally was out.  There went our last relaxing evening from 8-11.  Phew.
There was a lot of fun to be had by all on this trip but not a lot of sleep.  Mario is a morning person and would get up at 6ish every morning. He does this at home on weekends. Are you kidding me? Anyways, I have a hard time sleeping once I'm woken up so up with the sun it was.  The plus side was getting to see some amazing sunrises.

Seriously breathtaking...
All in all a great trip to end the summer.
Back to our regularly scheduled programming shortly...

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