Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stella's Under Sea Adventure

Stella had a blast at her mermaid birthday party. I didn't do anywhere near as many decorating crafts as I did last year but we still had some fun highlights. The kids pinned the tail on the mermaid, made jewelry and dug for buried treasure.  The same friend as last year made her adorable cake and as usual she did a beautiful job! This year I did no where near as good of a job of hosting and picture taking. I figured this out when I went to upload the pics and I hardly had any besides the few I took before the party and a few I had taken while she was opening presents. I'm pretty sure Mario's dad took some so as soon as I can get my hands on some of those I'll add some more. All in all it was a success and a great time!

Soul Food

As usual, when Mom was here, we went shell hunting.  These trips always hold special memories of lazily drifting down the beach, sun on our faces as time slows down. A walk on the beach is always good for the soul.  We had an especially nice walk on this particular morning. I have never seen the tide so far out at Alligator Point.  There were SO many shells and we walked through a sand dollar farm it seemed. There was a sand bar that the tide going out so far naturally provided. We walked the whole way in between two bodies of water over flowing with shells dotting the sand. I know my Mom loves our walks on the beach and collecting shell "souvenirs" and we treasure the memories as much as she does...

Friday, November 4, 2011


Stella turned 3 last week.
Three. I still keep saying she's 2.
Three seems so much older then Two. 

My friend Christina took some beautiful pictures of Stella for her birthday.  I love so many of them! She totally captured Stella's BIG personality!  She did me a huge favor and took some with my Mom too since she was in town for Stella's birthday. You can find Christina, her beautiful pictures and her daughter (Stella's buddy) Addison here.
Thanks Christina!

I need to spend some time catching up. We went on a cruise. Alone.
My Mom came for a visit. Stella had a mermaid party. We've been busy.
Lot's coming up too.
Disney in a few weeks.
Then the holidays and SEATTLE!!! Yay!
Hopefully we'll have the first mellow weekend in a while this weekend
and I will catch up on my posts a little...