Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some new pics

Getting pretty good at sitting!
I love it when Grammy Cathy sends me packages!A new dress! I love it! So Pretty!
Doesn't it look cute on me??? :)
The last few days Stella has discoved that she can stick her tongue out. She sticks it out then does this cough laugh cackle thing. Hopefully this will pass quickly....

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Just in the last few days Stella has started to get up on her knees. As you could see last week she would use her arms more, all it took was a few days and now she's crouching and rocking. Uh oh, crawling HERE WE COME!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Little Pirate

Yes, that is a washrag on her head. I had been using it to wipe her hands when she was eating and for some reason, joking around, I tied it on her head afterwards. Mario said she looked like a little pirate so we made argggggh pirate noises for a while that she thought were hilarious. Hmmm, halloween costume ideas? ;)

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Stella slide

Here's a little video of her doing the slide. She gets better at getting to what she wants everday. Uh oh.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Playtime with Daddy

Grammy Cathy sent me a package! What's in it???

Oh, my favorite! New Clothes! Sure is pretty!

I spent a lot of time outside working on the garden this past weekend. Mario and Stella had playtime! This is what happens when it's play time with Daddy! I came up to take a shower and he was sitting on the floor with her and I think he had every single small toy hooked up to her play mat!

It looked like a toy jungle!!!

Well she is pretty much sitting up on her own now. I still sit next to her because she easily will topple over but she's getting pretty steady. This week she has started pulling herself across her play mat. She can't do it on the carpet because she can't get a good grip with her hands on the carpet. If she's on her play mat she will grab onto it in front of her and pull herself to what she wants. Every once in a while she will pull her legs up in the crawling position but she's starting to get interested in getting herself to what she wants so I'm sure it won't be long. We've had no teething bouts lately and still no teeth. I'm just baffled how they can bother her for so long off and on without surfacing. There is this little white thing STILL on the top left. At the Dr. someone was saying it could be a calcium deposit. Who knows I gave up trying to look for them, when they come they come. Although, I KNOW she has been teething off and on since 3 months because she shows ALL the signs. I guess they just don't want to show will be strange to see her with teeth when they do though. On the other hand the hair fertilizer we've been using is working. (Just Kidding!!!) My friend Jen hadn't seen her in about 2 weeks and even commented yesterday she has more. It's not really getting longer, just thicker. I'm not quite sure on the color yet. In the bath when it's wet it looks really dark, but then like adults when it drys it turns pretty light. At least for now when it comes in I think it is going to be a light brown. She sure did get some of her grandma's genes, on both sides!! I'm still waiting for those strong Italian genes to come through. Hopefully it will be in her coloring as she gets older!!! Light blue eyes with the tan skin! We'll be in trouble later! We know the girl gene from Mario's came through because we have ALL boys on my side. 3 nephews and my little bro Parker. Mario's side has all girls. We are really going to have to do some investigating to get our boy genes to win out next time! If anyone has suggestions please send them my way. Don't worry though, you have a while!!!! Just for future reference! ;)
I am really excited for the summer, it's going to be great! We are looking forward to a visit from Mario's sister! They are coming from Austria and we can't wait for her and Stella's cousins, Chelsea and Chloe to get here! They'll stay with us part of the time to visit and I think we are all doing a beach trip with Mario's mom also. We are looking into cruises right now for a family trip towards the end of summer and will probably finalize that this week. Something else to look forward too! Then in Oct. I am going to go to Seattle to visit family and meet my new nephew who should arrive the middle of August! There is also Stella's first birthday! Whew! A lot to be excited about! Have a great week from the Scomas! :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Panama City Beach

Mario had a few jobs in Panama City so Stella and I rode along for a mini vacation! We got to the hotel by mid day and got to relax by the pool! Stella wasn't too fond of her first pool experience a few weekends ago so I was a little worried. She loves the bath though so I knew she would come around! I think the other pool was to cold because she loved this one!!! The resort was beautiful and we walked across the street for a great seafood dinner, it was SO relaxing. Our room was on the same floor as the pool and we could see our patio door so after we put Stella down we got to sit in the hot tub for a few. Needless to say we were crashed out close to 10! In the morning we headed down to the beach for a bit then back to the pool before heading home mid day. It was only overnight but it felt like a whole weekend. We have been to Panama City many times but we loved the place we stayed this time and are going back there for more then a night soon!!! Stella had a great time as you can see!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Aubreys dance recital!

The girls at Nana's!
Stella didn't make it through the whole thing...We had a busy last weekend! Aubrey had a dance recital Saturday, then we went over to Mario's dads for a bbq! Sunday we went and had a wonderful lunch at Mario's moms to celebrate mothers day since they will be out of town next weekend! Mario has been working like crazy, which we are thankful for! I think this Thursday he has to go to Panama City for a few jobs so Stella and I are going to ride along. We're going to stay over and Stella and I are going to hang by the pool/beach at the hotel while he finishes up and then can join us for some fun and dinner! It's mid to high 80's around here so the water will feel good and I am looking forward to having Stella try the pool out again! She's a HUGE fan of the bath but the far not so much. I think cuz the water is colder. Mini vacay! Yay! Hold on to your hats for some seriously cute bikini pics when we get back!!! Uhhh, of Stella. Not me. ;)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Wakulla Springs Boat ride!


As you can see she isn't left unattended in her bouncer anymore. The straps barely fit her now.

Today we went down to Wakulla State Park with our friends! They have an hour long boat tour you can take down the river. It's really pretty and Jen and I think we like it more then the kids! You get to see all sorts of wildlife and the scenery is beautiful. Today we saw alligators, birds, turtles and lots of fish! It's been high 80's lately so the breeze felt GREAT! Stella loved the whole thing! When it first started she just laughed and laughed and watched everything! All the other kids were holding on to the side and watching everything go by so Stella of course had to too!
Stella had her 6 month dr's appt this week. She's 16 lbs and 24 inches, which is the 50th percentile. Getting SO big! :)