Friday, October 23, 2009

Kids & Grandkids!

All the kids and their kids came over to my moms for dinner before we left...


Grandma Cathy had a duckie game that they loved to play together!

Stella and The Boys!

She had a great time ahem "playing" with her other cousins, Micah & Cody. Needless to say she ended up with half their toolbox stuck in the back of her pants. They thought she was quite a fun playmate!! Hee hee. I'm not exactly sure if she felt the same but she sure had a smile on her face...most of the time! ;)

Hill, Kamryn & Carter!

Stella loved playing with Kamryn and Carter and they were so sweet to her. Carter kept giving her hugs and Kamryn loved giving Stella her bottle! Hill and I also got some "girl time" which I loved!!! Hill got out some of the kids old toys and Stella went to town! We also had a "dance party" which you know Stella is ALWAYS down for!!! :) I have video which may get posted later!
Let's just say Black Eyed Peas is a crowd favorite!!! :)


We finally got to spend some time with my new nephew Reece! He is SO adorable and Stella thought it was quite intriguing for there to actually be someone smaller then she is. Let's just say when she kicked her foot in his direction I definitely think she was trying to give him a "love tap". Just kidding. But really they were so cute together. We miss them. :(

Meeting Hudson!

We met my friend Heidi and her son Hudson at the kids play place at Bellevue Square. I hadn't seen Heidi in a few years and had never met her son Hudson!
The kids had a great time and it was great to finally get together! Stella had never been to a place like that and loved it!!! Hudson was so sweet and was giving her hugs and kisses! I wish we could do it more often!