Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hellllloooo Punkin!

The other night we carved pumpkins. Stella kept taking the lid off and saying, "Hellllloooo Punkin"! She took a few seeds out but then would rub her hands on her shirt. She's starting to have this thing about getting stuff on her hands. If she gets food on her hands during dinner she'll say, "Wipe Mama, wipe"! I LOVE homemade pumpkin seeds. SO good!

Papa & Aubrey

Last weekend it was Mario's dads' Birthday.  He came out and we all went to the Stone Crab festival.  We walked around, looked at booths, Stella rode a baby horse and ate crab. Then Larry came back to our house for some Pot Roast that had been simmering in the Crockpot all day. Have I ever mentioned the secret ingredient to Pot Roast is Paprika? When you season it add Paprika. It was a really fun day and it is always good to have Papa out to hang with us. Happy Birthday Papa!

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