Saturday, October 23, 2010

Busy Busy

Yes, that IS lipstick.  The other night I stupidly left my purse sitting on the stairs.  You would think I would learn these lessons but I have to keep banging my Mommy head against the wall.  I was cleaning the kitchen after dinner and she took a lipstick out of my makeup bag and took it over in the corner to her Elmo kitchen.  There isn't really anything she can get into in the Living room, well...except my purse.  I thought she was a tad quiet (always a warning) so I went over and looked behind the kitchen and THIS is what I found.  I bet I was an even funnier sight.  Trying to grab my camera and keep her from touching anything and take a picture. Dork.  She loves putting lotion on, I'll put a drop on her hand or arm and she'll rub it in.  I think this was what she was doing with the lipstick although I'm not quite sure how it ended up on her toes.  She is so funny.  We were taking a walk the other day and walked by someone house which was decorated for Halloween.  She said, "Look Mama! Pumkinween!!! So now Halloween is Pumkinween.  So cute.

We've been pretty busy lately, only to get busier as the week goes on I'm sure. Stella's birthday is Thursday and party is Sunday so I'll be prepping for that.  Last night I made a few more wands and a sign while Mario "sewed" a Peter Pan hat.  He actually did a really good job! He gets jealous when he sees how much fun I'm having and has to get in on the action.  Although, really I love the memories.
Now we're off to the Stone Crab festival for Mario's dads' Birthday!!!

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