Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fairy Fun!!!

Toadstool appetizers and deviled eggs. (Hard boiled eggs, half a tomato and drops of mayo)  I also made Apple lady bugs in with the carmelled apples but I don't think I have any pictures of that in mine.  I'm sure Mario's dad got some though.

Loved this cake!!! It was almost painful to cut into it. Everything was edible except the fairy and all the kids wanted a toadstool. It stayed inside til closer to when we cut it and I came in for a minute with Stella, the minute she saw it she ran over to the table and was trying to get to it. It was so cute. She loved it. All the kids would just come up to it and look at it.

Stella's friend Bella when she first arrived.

Bella's Mom; Margaret & brother Christopher. Aka; Peter Pan.

Happy Birthday!!! We decorated with plastic ivy and flowers, streamers & and hung tulle flowers & butterflies from the inside of the tent.

I made the tutu's from a elastic headband and tied tulle all around it. It took about 3 yards for each one. Luckily the tulle was a dollar a yard. If you use a Joann's coupon, it's even cheaper! The wands I got at Micheal's for a dollar each. I glued their initial on then decorated with glitter glue and jewels. Then finished it off with silver glitter spray. Loved them!

One of the Fairy House Painting tables.

Each girl got their own set of Fairy wings, tutu & Fairy wand! I had strung them up around the tent and when the girls arrived they would find their set.  I would cut them down and help them get them on.  I think this was one of my favorite parts.  Just seeing their eyes light up was priceless!

 I was very lucky and Stella took about an hour and a half nap right before the party. She woke up right as everyone was arriving, so I got her dressed and brought her down. She was so excited to see her friends and all the fun!

Birthday Girl!

Bella, Zach & Stella. You may remember little Zach from Stella's horse adventures! He is HILARIOUS!!!

Pretty Fairy Princess!

Aubrey did fairy face painting of flowers and butterflies. We also had little Tinkerbell temporary tattoos!

I think my favorite thing that I made for the party was these Toadstools. I had seen some ideas online and Mario modified the idea. If anyone wants to know how to make them just let me know. They take a little bit of time but are super easy, cheap and adorable!!! They end up costing about $4.00 a toadstool. All the kids were sitting on them, especially when she was opening presents. Her wall in her room is decorated with the tulle flowers and butterflies on the wall.  I borrowed them to hang from the tent and bought a few more butterflies for a dollar each at Joann's. Which are now up in her room with the toadstools!

Painting the Fairy Houses!

She was very serious about her painting!

Daddy and Papa helping out!

Fairy Maddie! Poor Maddie had the only painting oops! I had been offering all the mom's garbage bags to cover their kids with before they started painting but everyone declined and said it was fine. Jenny was the only one I forgot to ask and Maddie accidentally got painted on her stomach with black paint! Sorry Jenny!!!

Jaden's pirate ship looked great!!!

Zach is ALWAYS enthusiastic about everything!

You can see little Laurel sitting on one of the toadstools in the background!

Stella's party was a total success! Everyone had such a wonderful time, especially the kids! I loved seeing all their faces light up. It was totally worth every minute spent on projects!!! Unfortunately, Mario was carrying the camera around so I didn't get nearly as many as I would have taken. He did a good job, I don't want to knock him but he doesn't think about details as  much as I do.  BUT his dad has a great camera with every lens in the world and he took 200. He totally gets pictures of details too so he should have some great ones. As soon as I get them from him I'll post round 2!  Bright and early yesterday morning we had Stella's 2 year Dr appointment. I'm worn out from the last few weeks, Mario is too. We both feel ugh and Stella's leg is sore from her 2 shots she got yesterday.  Today we are taking it easy and still in our pj's, well not Mario.  Gonna try to recuperate from all the party fun!!! I am pooped!

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