Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Picnic at the Beach

Today was a beautiful day, around 70 degrees! We went down to the water, had a picnic and walked around for a bit. Stella really liked putting her feet in the sand. She kept moving them back and forth in it. I can't wait til it warms up and she gets a little older and she can enjoy the beach! I want to start her in baby swim lessons in a few months but she already loves the water. I bring her in our bathtub with me and she loves to float and kick her legs around. I can already tell she is going to love it when she can sit up and take one in the bathtub by herself!

A little bit of sand in my toes...

She's really enjoying her activity mat!

She's really starting to enjoy her activity mat! Sometimes she'll grab the toys and will just sit there and crack up. Right before this she was just laughing up a storm but of course as soon as I get the camera to get it on film she tones it down!


I think she is trying to figure out how to fix the economy or save the world or something.

Well she has started teething. She still has a bit to go before it breaks through but you can see white spots for sure on her bottom left one and then some white on one top also. We'll see how long it takes for them to actually come in. As long as she has a little tylenol in her she's ok but watch out when it wears off! Poor baby, you can tell it hurts. :(

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ready for summer...

Well, we have had a cold snap here lately although not as bad as we keep seeing elsewhere around the US. I sure have been hibernating though. It did get down to the teens last week but it warms up to high 50's or so during the day. It's been a mild winter for the most part though. I was just telling Mario last night this winter seems to be going by faster then the last. We were at the beach in shorts and tanks the week before Stella was born (end of Oct.) and it starts to warm up again in March so we don't have that much longer. I think it is also because Stella arrived at the beginning of winter and we have been so involved with getting to know her it has made time fly by. I am so excited to go to the beach again, last summer I was not into it at all, which is so unusual for me. I just wanted to stay inside in the ac.
Stella is doing new things all the time. She has a new "mad" look which is accompanied by a growl. She has the lip pout and all. You just have to laugh at her because she is not convincing whatsoever. She just this weekend started doing this weird thing with her tongue. She sticks it out and sucks on it like it is a binky and then sucks on her top lip. It's not even when she is hungry, she'll do it out of the blue. She's laughing a lot more and she will copy the face or noise that you make. The other day we stuck our tongue out at each other for like 10 minutes back and forth. Her tummy is doing much better! She isn't crying really when she eats and I think she's digesting better now. I am starting to be able to differentiate between her cries some. Just this morning Mario was making her a bottle and I looked at her and said "She's not hungry, she's tired." Sure enough within 3 min. her eyes were closed. Granted this doesn't always happen but I am getting better at reading her and juggling the time I do have when she naps. I haven't been taking quite as many pictures lately because they start to look the same unless she has a new face, has grown, or just looks especially cute! Here's a few from the last week or so...

She's a mullet baby! Her hair in the back is growing but it looks like she has a buzz cut on the top!
She is not a fan at all of tummy time. It makes her really mad. I am trying to give her a little time every day and I know they say they should have 1/2 an hour but I try to give her a few minutes here and there.

I love her little feet and toes, they are SO cute!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

70 Degrees and Sunny!

Well it's been nice to be back home after our trip. Stella is doing good and her stomach has seemed to pretty much settle down. She's big on catnaps and the last few days I've had a hard time getting her to take more then a 20 min nap during the day. I've tried pretty much all I can think of. She's full, clean, burped, swaddled, rocked, and read to. She will fall asleep but then not long after being put down she's ready and raring to go. Right this moment she is in her crib protesting, although not very hard so we'll see. She's totally laughing, smiling and has more and more faces. She's very expressive. She has chubby little cheeks but I think she looks bigger then she actually is in pictures. She's still pretty much a peanut. In a few weeks she will be 3 months. She still has room to grow in her 0-3 clothes so she seems to be pretty true to size. It's been over 70 degrees here, almost 80 one day, which is a nice change after being in the 30 degrees and snowing weather for a few weeks. We go on walks and she absolutely loves a breeze on her face. She'll turn her face up to it and loves looking at the sky and trees!
She's started to be able to use her Bumbo chair Auntie Carrie and Uncle Craig got her! She looks like a big girl in it!
Sticking my tongue out!

Whew, I'm tired!
Ha Ha! Just Kidding!

I guess I'll take a cat nap!