Monday, December 6, 2010

She's Crafty

Check out my new "hobby"! So I was looking on Etsy for a winter hat for Stella and Mario chimed in "Why don't you just make one"?  Hmmm, well the neighbour had just mentioned that she was crocheting a few blankets and it would be a good winter hobby for in the evening. This is not like any of the one's I was looking at but I thought it quite nice for a first attempt! We followed a pattern out of one of my neighbors magazines and theirs was green and red, like an elf version. I wanted something a little bit more versatile so I switched up the colors. I have moved on to my next item but that's super secret since it's a Christmas present! Mario's is kicking himself though for his suggestion and he's quite sick of the color yellow he said. My project I'm working on now is yellow also.  It was quite funny yesterday as we are driving home and I look over at the car next to us and there was a lady in the passenger seat crocheting away.  Where I would have probably laughed before I wanted to hold mine up and say "cheers"! :) Why yes, I think I have lost it. Thanks for asking...

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