Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting in the Christmas spirit!

This weekend we met up with our friends, Brett, Margaret and their kids, Bella & Christopher.  Bellas' birthday party had been in Georgia with family so we got together and threw our own party.  We started with dinner at Chuck E. Cheese then headed over to the Christmas tree lighting and holiday parade.  The girls had fun looking at all the people and lights. 

The Christmas season has kicked into high gear.  Aubreys' schedule has been jam packed, as usual, with chorus, play, guitar, living Christmas tree, dance recital practices and Mario has been really busy with work lately. They had to leave before 7 this morning to get her to a play practice then he'll have work tonight so makes for a long day for him.  Stella hates it when it is like this as she barely gets to see him. It's really cold right now. I'm mean REALLY cold! It was 20 degrees last night but warms up during the day to 50's to 60's. Even high 60's to low 70's last week but I think that was the last we'll see of 70's for a few months. I've been looking on the Internet for various art projects for Stella during the day. She says over and over, "I like to paint". Maybe a future Picasso? She is quite funny.  She has her favorite numbers and letters. You ask her what letter is this and almost always her answer is, "a W"! We are working on a Christmas gift for family today which involves painting so she's happy!

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