Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ho Ho

Well, we are full steam ahead in Santa preparations here.  Or "Ho Ho" as his nickname according to Stella goes around our house.  Today we had the talk about what we leave for Santa and his Reindeer.  Cookies and carrots. She's got it down pat. :)
Luckily we were pretty prepared this year.  Presents all accounted for and wrapped except a few small stragglers I'll hit tomorrow at some point.  Most of the food is ready to go and chilling in the fridge. Cookies taken out of the freezer and thawing on the counter.  Hopefully all still there by tomorrow afternoon.  I need to vacuum and mop in the morning but I left that for the am on purpose, if I do it today it would look as if it needed it again anyways.
We made the trip to see Santa this week.  Roo did pretty darn good I must say.  No tears, she even gave the big guy a hug when he asked for one as she was leaving.  Her eyes were pretty big the whole time we were there and she definitely "got it".  We told her she had to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas when she sat on his lap, so as she timidly approached him you could hear her whisper..."Doggy & Baby Doll". I don't think he could even hear her. I did though and that's what counts.  Love her. :) Such a cutie.
So we didn't get a big smile but I'll take it.

I think she actually looks bored in this one...ha ha!

I hit a low bah hum bug point the last few days and all week was not feeling the Christmas spirit whatsoever. We've all been home most of the week and that usually comes with challenges. Even though this is my blog, I don't really think it's fair to bring other people that have no say in.  That's sometimes hard though because these are my memories, good and bad. That being said, I was just having a hard time snapping out of it and letting things roll off of my back. Which you just have to do. You have to stay positive and adapt. I was trying to meditate, bathe and coombyeya my way out of it but it just wasn't happening. Today though for some reason, I finally turned the corner and Mrs Claus is BACK! It also helps that my husband brought me 2 large Christmas bouquets of flowers. I am looking forward to a nice next few days! Good food, fun times and Santa! The only thing that could top it off would be if I could teleport all of my family (in Seattle) here or us there so we could ALL be together but we're sending them all our love...

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