Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Hair Gods Santa,
I am writing on behalf of a follically frustrated Mommy my dear daughter Stella. She has been a perfect rascal angel all year and would like to put in a special request. She was quite challenged in the hair department the first half of her short life and while we are grateful for the hair she now does have, it is quite unruly independent. If you could please remove the cowlick that makes all of her hair around her pony tail stick up her so uniquely adorable it would be much appreciated. We would like to start using all of the cute barrettes and pony holders she has for something other then wasted space. As you can see from these pictures it is at it's best right after a nap. Think you could work on this??? Thanks so much.
Oh and she would like a wagon by the way.

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