Monday, November 29, 2010

How much do I heart Shutterfly??? Let me count the ways...

So even if they weren't having this insanely awesome promotion for bloggers here I would love to brag about how many cool things I have ordered from Shutterfly.  I have recommended the site/company to many people. I know there are a few companies online that you can order prints/photo books/announcements/Xmas cards from but by far, my personal fave has got to be Shutterfly. 

Just this last weekend I was here working on our Christmas cards for this year. Love their selection and designs and they are having some great sales right now.  My cards were already designed and ready to go when I came across this great promotion for bloggers!
Hello Bandwagon! I am jumping on! 

Mario and I had a small beach wedding that included mostly close family.  So after the wedding we sent out announcements to extended family and friends that didn't attend. Guess where we ordered these adorable announcements???
You guessed it.
Need to announce an occasion of your own? Wedding, baby, new fish? You can create your own masterpiece right over here
For Father's Day I ordered Mario his own photo book that included solely pictures of him and baby girl.  He started crying when he opened it. (Sorry babe!)
I LOVE it and love flipping though it occasionally.
I also recently made a photo book from Stella's Birthday party to keep in her keepsake box.  I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival which should be any day now!!!
Take a wild gander where I ordered them from?
Mmmhm. You guessed it.
You can make your own book right over here and make your man cry. :)
For Mario's parents' Christmas gift last year we made them calenders.  The cool kind that have your personal pictures which we corresponded to what was going on in that particular month.  You also can add all of your families important dates.  They turned out great and it was SO easy! The hardest part was going through all of our pictures and picking out which one's to choose.
Where did we make these wonderful gift ideas you ask?
They also happen to be running a special right now on calendars, buy 1 get 1 50% off!
That great gift idea can be created right over here

Last year for Stella's birthday thank you's I ordered a simple white card with a cute border.  I added her name across the top and voila personalized thank you's for any occasion.
OK, overkill I know but thank you's are polite and you should order yours now right over here
They also have this cool little area where they have special offers just for YOU! OK, well maybe not specifically for me but I think the more you order the more "special" you are because there always seems to be a special offer for me and the best part is they are FREE! If you have a Shutterfly account go down to the bottom right of the home page and click on "view my special offers".  There is almost always a tasty little treat waiting!
But seriously...I use the product. I love the product.
Right now they are offering bloggers 50 free 5x7 Christmas cards here (Yes, photo cards included. I asked.)
Oh how i love cool free stuff.
Especially from a site I love and use regularly so thanks Shutterfly and this concludes my shameless plug.
Back to your regularly scheduled programming.
Thanks and goodnight.

If you receive a Christmas card from us this year...why yes they are from Shutterfly and yes they were FREE!!!

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