Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jumpy Jump!

I feel like I haven't posted in like a month, even though really it's only been a week or so.  Christmas was so wonderful.  The girls had a great time. Stella really got it. It was SO much fun. We have like 280 pictures from Christmas thru New Years which I finally just uploaded a day or so ago.  I'm still going through them but will post some soon. The last few weeks have been so busy.  We had family over Christmas Eve then went to Mario's dads' Christmas day.  Mario was home until the following Wednesday and only worked Wednesday and Thursday in between Xmas and New Years. New Year's we had some friends over for a sleepover with their kids and the girls had a BLAST! They played dress up, watched movies, watched fireworks, played at the beach and just had a great time. Needless to say when this Monday rolled around I was so ready to get back to some resemblance of normalcy. It took Monday and Tuesday to get everything back together and so here we are...
Stella. Oh Stella.
Where should I start?
Well my perfect sleeper has turned into a little nap monster. A few days before Christmas she figured out how to get out of her crib. We knew it was going to happen eventually and I was actually surprised the little bugger didn't figure it out sooner.  So now she's boycotting and I've turned into Super Nanny. Minus a few pounds and an accent. No offense Super Nanny love ya! With all the craziness of the holidays there were some days she didn't even get a nap and the days we were home I spend hours out the day sitting on the floor of her room tearing out my hair and putting her back in her crib every 30 seconds.  Some days she's won, some days Mommy has but either way at least an hour is spent in her room supervising nap time.  Ugh. Double ugh. I was hoping that once things got back to a regular schedule she would (fingers crossed) fall back into the routine but, no such luck. Monday it took and hour and a half but Mommy won. Tuesday we were down to 45 minutes and I was optimistic. Well after another hour and a half yesterday I was losing hope. Today...she won. After over 2 hours I couldn't do it anymore and I gave in.  We are going to put blinds in her room this weekend and hopefully making it darker in there will trick her. Probably not but hey it's worth a try.  The funny thing is she doesn't try at bedtime.  Not even a peep, even when she has had a nap.  Hence the hope that the darkness at nap time will make a difference. 

She's had potties for quite a while now. She knows how to use them but I have always said I wasn't going to try til after she was 2 and wait until the holidays were over.   Last weekend we got her Tinkerbell and Fancy Nancy panties.  We started first thing Monday morning. Let's just say we're about 50/50.  I set the alarm for every 15 minutes and sometimes she would go, then other times she would have an accident in those short 15 minutes. I just can't get her to tell me BEFORE she has to go. 

The naps, or lack there of, are harder to deal with for me then the potty training.  Up to 2 hours sitting on the floor in her room takes up a lot of time I used to get things done while she was asleep.  We had it SO good there for a while but between the nap boycott and potty training makes for a long day. So we've had some GREAT holidays and some frustrating toddler moments but all in all I am excited for 2011.  She is jabbering up a storm and says about 5 to 6 words straight.  Sometimes she'll just babble on for a minute straight although I think she may be speaking french then.  Before the holidays we started going to an open gym at the Gymnastics school here. They have all sorts of bouncy houses, trampolines, mats, balls, etc.  She LOVES it. They have a tumbling class but I think we are going to just do the open gym right now because the class is more structured and she really loves going to the "jumpy jump" and running wild.  As you can tell...

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