Monday, September 6, 2010

Our little Garden Fairy and her Happy!

Our little fairy is turning 2 next month. I can hardly believe it but I won't really go there right now other then to say she just gets more adorable and entertaining every day. I know the terrible 2's, oh and 3's, 4's & 5's and so on also are challenging but every day she makes me laugh way more then she makes me cry. Well...most days.

Just a little bit ago we were listening her tell Mario about the horses that we see on our run in the mornings. Well, kinda the horses but mostly about the gnats that bug you if you stop. "Dada, bite arm"! "Bugs"! She was having her own little conversation with us that went on for about 5 minutes. Each day her words and sentences are getting longer. Absolutely amazing.

We took inspiration for her "fairy party" from a few places. After I saw what Kelle did for her daughter Lainey's' party I LOVED the idea and all the FUN things you can do. We've stolen some of her ideas. Thx Katie for turning me on to Kelle's blog a while back. Then in turn, thanks Kelle for your tips, I appreciate it!! They didn't have the glass jars still, but we decided not to do fairy dust anyways! You should check out her blog if you haven't before, she's a Floridian transplant and a COOL chic!

Stella looooves Tinkerbell. She calls her Tinky. She looooves tutus. "Tutu on Mama"!!! There's also the new Tinkerbell movie coming out next month so there is an influx of Tinkerbell and fairy things out there right now. Basically the inspiration came from a few different places and once I started researching on the Internet I got more and more excited. This has turned into Stella's Fairy Garden Party Extravaganza! We actually are doing a lot of projects but they are all economically reasonable. I must thank Mario for putting up with all the tulle and glitter that has been floating around the house though. Right now our current project is Toadstool stools. We've modified it some but should have the same look. SO FUN!!!

You can find a similar stool and other GREAT ideas here

How cute is the Madeline party idea??? Hmmm, next year? KIDDING!

Here is one of our appetizers...

Here are some of the things we've been working on...
Some of the signs
I'm making all the girls tutu's & wands and got wings. I put their initial on the wands.

Their SO cute!

Supplies... :) For every show I worked on you would have to have a show notebook.

It rubbed off.

I have a party inspiration notebook...

So you get the idea, we are in full fairy swing over here and so excited!
I'm in BIG trouble if she ever gets into all the paint and glitter glue!!!

Let me know if you have any great ideas for Stella's Happy Fairy party!
I would LOVE the input! :)


The Gibson's said...

I love it! How cute. Isn't Kelle's blog amazing? I just love reading it. I can't wait to see it all come together for Stella's big day!

Andrea said...

Thanks Katie! I swear I think I love some of the girl stuff almost more then Stella. I must admit I love having a girl! You should see her ballet slippers on her. O.M.G.
Kelle is awesome, I've asked her some stuff about Laineys party and some other stuff and she is always so her blog. I'm hoping one day we might be in that area so she can do some pics for Stella!Can't wait for Stella's Happy! :)