Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A good day with the girl

Today has been a good day. We started off with our morning run/walk.  Then the newest Tinkerbell movie came out today so we ran down and picked it up. It is adorable! Really really cute. They also have a cute/fun website to check out here http://www.pixiehollow.com/
Stella is still too young for that kind of thing but if you have a little bit older girl they have cute activities.
After the babes nap the first thing she said was "Outside"! So we headed out to hook up the spinkler and play in the yard.  I threw on her swimsuit from last summer with out a diaper.  It's a 6/12 month suit and the top was riding up a bit and the bottoms were sagging. She was a little plumber!  Our grass is really bugging me right now.  We haven't had any rain in about 2 weeks. Not a drop, at our house at least.  Plus it's been about 85.  Mario's been watering pretty much every day and it's just getting brown and dried out.  I don't know how people keep their grass green in Florida. Underground spinklers that water at least twice a day I guess.  I really really really wish we would get like 3 days of torrential rain or a nice tropical storm or something. I know it will be cold soon enough but for now I'll just take some fall showers please. 
Yes, that is stickers up and down her leg.
I love our 2 hibiscus bushes. We transplanted a huge Gardenia bush right before summer and it looks like it's about to take off since the humidity has dropped a bit. Hopefully we'll have a nice big bush full of fragrant Gardenia flowers. My favorite!!! Reminds me of living in Hawaii when I would wear either a Plumeria or Gardenia behind my ear every day!

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