Saturday, September 25, 2010

Giddy Up!!!

 Stella & her buddy Zach.

Feeding the chickens!

Follow me Stella...
She could have chased them all day. The poor girl was sweating like a pig herself.   

Stella's new friend, Dakota.

 Pulling Dakota into the ring.  Good helpers.

She was smiling and laughing the whole time.  No scaredy cats here!

  Thanks Zach, that was FUN!  Can we do it again sometime??? You busy tomorrow?

 We had a play date with some friends from Stella's library group on Friday.  They just happen to have 14 horses, 14 chickens, 2 dogs and 2 cats.  Stella was in heaven.  I think she would prefer we move to a farm.  She ran around and got absolutely FILTHY! Seriously, they were covered from head to toe in dirt.  She had gotten her hands dirty then wiped her face at some point, there was sand all in her hair and just dirt everywhere. I had to put her in the bath and rinse her down when we got home. I bet if you asked her though it was so worth it! They played outside, then we walked down to the barn and fed the chickens. I think this was her favorite part.  She could have chased them around for hours.  She was screaming with laughter and followed them right into the bushes.  I had her in leggings thinking it would protect her legs but the poor girl was sweating from running around like a crazy woman! They each rode Dakota around the ring for a bit and Stella got right up with no hesitation whatsoever.  She was grinning from ear to ear! They take the Pony Dakota to birthday parties and festivals and stuff so he is around kids and people all the time. He's so mellow.  We had such a great time and she has been talking about it since!  I'll post some video to follow.

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