Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sisterly love...

Ok, so I JUST realized my little sister has a BLOG!!!! HELLO!
In the 5 times we've talked this week you have FAILED to mention this tiny little detail? And you've had it for HOW LONG! Like months!!!
It's not like we don't talk about everything under the sun, and often! That is exactly the reason I started this blog. Since most of my family and close friends are oh so all the way across the united states away I wanted to keep them up to date on pics etc without having to send out huge email blasts that took forever. It sucks on the other end also, we don't get to be at the family get togethers and girls nights outs or even just some good old quality time. So I love seeing every ones blog and keeping up. ESPECIALLY REECEY PIECEY!!!! UMM HELLO! You are SO in the doghouse!!!
I just now realized when I was checking some friends blogs for updates. The usual. Well, little miss Katie ( had added some NEW friends!
Of course the title "Reeces pieces" jumped out at me, cuz well, that's my nephews name. I thought to myself, wow a friend of Katies (good friend of sis & the whole fam) that has a baby with the same name. Hmm, NOPE! Lo and behold I click on the link and up pops my adorable, sweet, smiley, cuddly NEPHEW!
So, I just had to call her out on this small detail. She probably won't check this for a few days BUT when she does she will know she is in big trouble!!!! Sissy is very very mad. I'm sure I can come up with a few good stories from our childhood to get her back for this great injustice but for now I will refrain. If you would like to check out Stella's adorable cousin Reece and his blog debut (well, not really, she's had the blog a few months now as we just discussed) he is right here
I am now off to look for childhood pics of my most sweet adorable forthcoming sissy. Hopefully I can find some really GOOD ones!!! ;)
***Ok, so funny side note. I just talked to her and was laughing saying "Gotcha" when she called. Thinking that she had seen the post. She had no idea what I was talking about and wanted to know why I was saying "Gotcha"! SO it turns out she sent out an email to a few friends with the blog address telling them she had started it BUT she sent it to my OLD email address I've been telling her for a year I don't check ever. So I never got it. Also, she just sent the email out last week. So I guess she is off the hook on the old stories. Although I still think I may go look for some oldies but goodies pics to scan just for fun. :)

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