Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Broken Camera :(

Ok, soooo the other day we were at the park with our friends and there were oh so many adorable photo ops. I went to turn on the camera and it wouldn't turn on, then it would but the screen was all white. It has gremlins. We need to tinker with it some more BUT I think the gears may just be pooped out. Wouldn't surprise me with all the pictures we take. This happened to our last digital and for what it would take to send it off to fix we could just buy a new one. Ugh. Greeeeaaat, Mario's gonna love that one. ;) So, until I get that figured out (hopefully soon) I may be adding a few cell phone pics. Here's one that I took in addition to the one's I've already posted but I still think it's cute. Well, of course it is! It's of the little Roo Roo !

*But of course we ARE biased!*

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