Friday, March 5, 2010


The other day I was reminded of this website and forgot how much fun it was. I hadn't messed around with it in a while.
For Stella's 1st birthday I made magnets as party favors for the adults. I used a picture of Stella then edited it with Picnik. I also put "Stella is 1" text at the bottom in pink. I had the picture developed as wallet size sheets then bought magnets. The magnets come with a sticky side that you can stick a business card on it, but instead I cut the pictures out and stuck them to the magnets. They turned out SO cute!
Here's a few pictures from the last week or so that I was playing around with. The effect below is "1960's", which happens to be one of my personal faves since it totally reminds me of pictures we have of me as a baby. Ok, no jokes, I wasn't born til the mid 70's but the pics still looked like this.
You can join the site for as low as $2.00 a month to use all their "premium" resources but I don't edit that much, so I haven't. Besides, they have enough cool things you can do that are free. I think I just don't sit down enough and play around editing but it is fun every once in a while.

Mean muggin the camera. Boy can she give you stink eye when she wants to. Then she starts laughing though, she thinks it's funny. I think she picked this up from me when I tell her to not get into something. She's better at it then me though. Terrible two's here we come. Mama's scared.
But then on the other hand she has the sweetest smile and laugh. When you pick her up and give her a hug she will pat you on the back, it's so cute. She's a love bug too...

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