Monday, March 7, 2011

J'aime la France

So I spent a few months with the Lusks in the South of France a few years back.  I had stored my approx. 1000 photos from the trip somewhere on our computer when I transferred them from an online photo sharing website. Occasionally I think about the photos and wanted to print them out and make an album. Last weekend I set out to find them on our computer. Which I did, Yay! Now I am going through them, doing some editing, deleting, etc.  Now I like a heavy edit, for prosperity sake if I'm printing out physical copies or making a book I leave them pretty true but I pulled some out and did some playing around. We actually have a few of these blown up in frames around the house along with some I had taken in Hawaii also. The quality could be much better as these were just taken with a small point and shoot.  It was amazing to be immersed in the French culture not to mention, it is absolutely gorgeous! We lived in Juan Les Pins which is a little town by Nice, Cannes & Monte Carlo. During the time we were there they had both the Cannes Film Festival and the Grand Prix. Beautiful!
View from our patio

I found myself a nice French boyfriend...Just Kidding! We couldn't resist getting this hubba hubba on film.
Antibes, a small fishing village with GREAT restaurants and even better ambiance. Best Thai food EVER.
The neighborhood restaurant we ate at all the time.
Fort in Antibes
In Biot, a glassblowing village.
Monte Carlo
Casino in Monte Carlo
View of Monte Carlo built into the hill...breathtaking!
This is a view of Monaco. Where the palace is located straight ahead is it's own city of Monaco but it really is pretty much part of Monte Carlo. If you panned right in this picture you would see the view of the picture above.
View the other direction
More glassblowing.
Kams birthday!

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