Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy Bees

 Doesn't that look just say "Trouble".
 Not quite sure...
 Big girl
 She looks like she is about to bust out in a break dancing move!
 Loving her pool!
 Silly girl!

We've been busy lately. Nothing too exciting. Just life. Spring break just passed for Aubrey and we went camping for a few days. Aubrey brought a friend and our friends met us on the island with their kids so we had 9 total. Chalk that up to a week. It takes a few days of prep and packing, 4 days of camping then 2 days of recovery, unpacking, laundry and cleaning and there's over a week right there! I'll post those pictures soon!

Stella is getting to be quite the entertainer. Sunday afternoon we were out to lunch. As we were walking out a man at a table stopped me to say what a beautiful smile Stella had. What a sweet man and a sweet compliment! He was sitting at a table of about 20 people. They all started waving to her. She threw her hand up in the air and enthusiastically was waving to everyone. Suddenly she burst into some dance moves. As everyone started to laugh she was encouraged and I guess decided to pull out her special move. The downward dog. Yep, she bent over with her little behind in the air. When this produced even more laughter from the crowd she raised up as high as she could go on to her tippy toes. Then stayed there, as I explained that they did yoga moves at the end of her library class. She finally stood back up and with a few final waves and smiling ear to ear she walked out. It was hysterical!!!

The next few months should be fairly busy. A lot of stuff with Aubrey going on. We think my Mom is making a trip out the end of April or so and we are trying to maybe fit a cruise in somewhere either April or May but we'll see. Scheduling is making it a little difficult but hopefully we can work something out. Summer will be here before we know it. Crazy.

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