Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beach Excursion

After Stella woke up from her nap today we took advantage of the blue skies and mild weather to take a walk on the beach.  This is the same beach I've posted pictures of a million times but it's been quite a while since we've actually walked down the point. I think the last time I did it was when my Mom was here and Stella was a few weeks old.  You have to climb over about 4 different sections of rocks. The above being the shortest.  It actually was easier then I remembered and Stella just walked over all except the last which I carried her. Once you cross the last rocks it goes straight out about half a mile. You rarely see anyone out there and it is beautiful.  Right after we started down the beach the fog rolled in.  It's not a very foggy beach and this is the first time I actually remember it being foggy there.  It rolled in thick but was still about 60 degrees and no rain that I could see so we just wandered on down the beach.  The sky was crazy though, so thick with dense fog in some areas then as we cleared the last section of rocks and got to the point it just lifted and there were bright blue skies.  It was kind of bizarre to go from spotty blue skies, to dark, to white fog, back to bright blue all in an hour or so.  It was beautiful though and almost mysterious since I am not used to that beach having that kind of weather. It almost reminded of the mysticism of Northern California beaches...
Down by the point is known for it's shells. There are shells as big or bigger then your hand down there and EVERYWHERE! Stella had a blast collecting shells. She would stop every 20 feet or so and just sit down and start playing with them.  It was such a nice walk. I love those moments with her, well in between telling her to keep moving. I swear she could sit in one spot for an hour alone. The point was also my Mom's favorite walk and I remember carrying Stella, only a few weeks old, down that beach with my Mom collecting shells. We've made lots of wonderful memories in our backyard and it will always be a special place to me and hopefully Stella!

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Love the pics, so great!!!