Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Junior Museum

She LOVED watching the animals, this is the first time we've been since she's been able to run around. She definitely enjoyed it more then sitting in her stroller, she hadn't REALLY noticed the animals as much last time. She was having a BLAST but would get so mad when I would try to put her in the stroller!
Yep, we're in Florida. Alligator!


By the time we reached the interactive area she was wiped out. You can tell by the zoned out look on her face!
Stella tried a ice cream sandwich for the first time, I think it's safe to say she liked it!
She loved looking at the animals. She would run around and squeal, it was so funny!
I didn't know deer swam. We were walking across this bridge and these deer go swimming by. It totally scared my friend Jenny, she thought they were alligators!!

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