Monday, March 15, 2010


Our friends Brett & Margaret came over this weekend for a bbq. Bella and Stella love to play together! This time they had the newest addition to their family with them! 2 month old baby Christopher! We were talking about all wanting to go camping so while they were here we reserved a spot in Panama City Beach in late April! Yay!
Stella's step cousin Blaise was here from Kansas City this weekend also! I think Mario's dad may have taken some good ones of them, neither were looking in all of mine.
She likes to go back in the corner and play hide and seek in the corner behind her crib.
It feels like spring is finally arriving. Not here yet, but close. My fave month I think since I moved to Florida is April. 80 degrees and warm enough to spend the day at the beach but no humidity yet. I'm so excited! Plus we have lots of fun stuff coming up in the Spring!
For some reason we've been pretty busy lately, hanging out with friends, lots of errands, wedding and baby showers, etc. Tomorrow we are going to the Childrens Zoo with my friend Jenny and her kids.
Just in the last few weeks Stella has really started to copy what we say. Still just words and sometimes not so clearly but I've definately seen a difference. I can hear her on the monitor right now up in her crib saying "Uh oh". She likes that one. She'll say uh oh, up, ball, yum yums, and a handful more on her own at the appropriate time but in between she will copy words that you say. I'm excited, she's in such a FUN age. I love it.
When she gets up from her nap we are going to go out to weed the garden and start getting ready to plant! We already started some flower seeds that are beginning to come up and she LOVES to dig in the dirt!!!

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