Thursday, February 5, 2009

Warm Fuzzies on a COLD night!

Stella and I had a photo shoot tonight before her bath. I know all of the pics are very similar. She's just so cute I couldn't figure out which to post so I posted a bunch!

We are having a cold snap and boy is it cold! I think 16 degrees last night or something? It warms up during the day but boy does it drop once it gets dark.
Stella really enjoyed her bath tonight! She splished splashed everywhere. Usually she just kicks her legs all around but tonight her arms were flapping like a bird! She was spraying both of us! She just stares at her rubber ducky then gets all excited and freaks out! There's also a particular bottle of shampoo she is transfixed with. It has bright blue seashells on it and I think it has magical meditation powers!

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