Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm 3 months old!

As I'm sitting here uploading some pictures Stella has been throughly entertained for the last 20 minutes by her Baby Einstein Activity mat. Her Papa Larry and Grandma Susi got it for her at our shower. She is loving it more and more every day. She talks to it like it's her best friend. She wouldn't really check everything out on it before so we hadn't put the batteries in it yet. There is a sun at the top that has flashing lights and plays music if you move the mat at all. We just put the batteries in the other day and she is so excited.

This one is a straggler from the Xmas batch.
Working on my sitting up muscles... :) Stella has really strong legs but we are trying to work on her arms more. She'll probably be one of those babies that just skips crawling and goes straight to walking. She can stand for a few seconds if you hold her hands.

These I just took this morning.

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