Sunday, February 8, 2009

I can't wait for summer!

I'm excited, the last few days it's been in the upper 70's and I am almost ready to come out of hybernation! I hate the cold for extended periods of time! The winter here is pretty short...Nov-Marchish. But some days, like lately, it still warms up during the day. I loved the weather when I lived in San Diego and Hawaii and there was no winter at all and you didn't have to think before you walked out the door whether you needed a coat or sweater. Flip flops could be worn year round and you didn't have to have clothes for different seasons. A lot of people say they love having seasons, not me. I love being warm and visiting people with seasons! All the snow in Seattle over Christmas was more then enough winter for me! Stella has her sun glasses all ready, now she just has to trade the sweatshirt for a bathing suit! At least she's been able to wear skirts without her legs freezing! A step in the right direction!Mario loves to snuggle with Missy!
But Missy seems to forget she's a dog.

Mommy do these shoes match my oufit?
No Stella, just because they both have flowers doesn't mean they match. :)


Cowan Family said...

I love the sunglasses!

djb said...

We enjoyed the video clips! She is just a DOLL! (Like you didn't KNOW that!)
I agree...THEY can have FOUR seasons...We love waking up to blue sky, sun, and WARM!
Anxious to see you (and HER) next summer...we hope.
Love, Darlene and Paul