Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Panama City Beach with Mom!

 We took a boat over to Shell Island which you can only visit by boat.  It was gorgeous! In all the times we've been to PC I've never seen the water looking so beautiful. It looked like the Caribbean!

 Dolphins on the way over!

Stella was happy! :)

 We relaxed after the beach and made dinner in the first night! So fun!

 Mario enjoyed some pool time!

 We had dinner at Margaritaville the next night, Mom loved it!

 When we were changing her Stella took off running! Naked baby on the loose!

I have been so bad lately. I don't think I even have very many pictures from April. I just haven't been on the computer much lately. Usually I keep up with various other blogs and friends but I haven't even been doing that recently. The last few weeks have been really busy. My Mom has been in town for the last 10 days or so.  We took her on a quick mini 3 day vacay at our favorite place in Panama City. We had a great time! So much fun.  I have other pictures up update but for now here's our trip to Panama City.  Stella is hilarious lately. The things she says are so funny. She has an amazing memory. We took her to the Zoo yesterday and last night she was telling Mario about it. He was talking to her about the horses.  She said, "I want to go to Zach's house and ride horses"! Seriously? That was months ago the we went over there and she rode the horse. She's on strike with sleeping again, I think in part due to our schedule being kinda crazy lately and not being consistent but also partly that she is like her Daddy and loves to go go go on an adventure!
I need to start writing some things down she says or get them on video. She's loves Grammy Cathy and wants to wake her up every morning. I have to stop her from knocking on the bedroom door to wake her up and most mornings she gets a few in before my Mom gets up.  Good thing she's a sound sleeper! They've been playing a lot and reading before bed every night.  Grammy will be sad to leave and I know Stella will be asking for her for days after she goes home!

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