Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cranberry Christmas

Last Christmas we were relaxing around the house and had ABC Family on. They have great Christmas movies through the holidays. I kept watching the movie, which was a cartoon, and couldn't put my finger on where I had heard the story before. Suddenly I had a flash in my head of a book we had when I was younger. Cranberry Christmas. Oh how I loved the illustrations on that book. I'm a reader. Always have been. When we were little I had the chicken pox and was quarantined from school for a week. I spent that time card cataloging our extensive "home library". I had a Dewey decimal system and numbered all the books. I even made my sister and brother library cards, where they had to check out their own books. Of course, I was the librarian. I would read under the covers in bed at night with a flashlight until my mom would come in and make me turn it off telling me, "that's bad for your eyes"!
So I go on Amazon to find it. Instantly when I see the cover I recognize it. There's another oldie but goodie by The Devlins also. Old Witch and the Polka Dot Ribbon. I can't tell you how many times both of those were read. I remember loving them. Of course since it was around Christmas time it was high season for Christmas themed books and the cheapest one I could find was like $15. for a used fair copy. It is out of print. I figured I would wait and have since been asking in Used Book stores I have seen. Recently a clerk recommended I try
I just found the bookmark she gave me with their name on it that has been at the bottom of my purse for months. GREAT WEBSITE for buying books. Gotta love amazon of course but I found Cranberry Christmas and Good Witch for a DOLLAR each and both in "Good" shape!!! 7 bucks for both including shipping! Whaaawho! They are on their way! I'm so excited! But's the little things. Sometimes that is part of the fun of having a kid, getting to relive the magic. :)
In searching for the other 2 it said that the people that bought these 2 also bought Little Suzy! Oh joy, another fave from yonder years!!! I figured if we owned these books that someone else may have to and would love to be reminded of them!
I really hope that Stella has the same love for books that I do. She has quite the extensive library already. Books for all ages. I would say I average 1 new book a week. Yesterday it was Fancy Nancy, which has great illustrations by the way. You can never have enough books. We go to the library and pick out a huge stack of books every week. By the end of the week she has her 2 favorites that I am so sick of by then. She seems to love it but only time will tell. There's nothing like the smell of a bookstore or new/old book.

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