Monday, August 23, 2010


I would love to take a good book, some sun lotion, a big glass of water, the sound of the waves and spend the day right here. Alone. With no toddler. Peace. and quiet.
We (Stella and I) both have a birthday hangover. Not from the adult libation kind. The husband was home spoiling us and helping out all weekend, having lots of fun kind. Kinda like coming home from vacation. Mario went back to work today. The house needed lots of attention since I had ignored it since last Thursday and Stella was PISSED her Dada wasn't home to play and snuggle with her.
Believe me I'm not complaining. I love being home with Stella. After such a fun extended weekend it's hard to get back in the swing of things. Usually I kinda look forward to Mondays, a quiet day just the Roo and I. But not this week. Mondays...Bleck.
Just a little update on my mom...
She has one more chemo treatment this Thursday and then she's done. This one should be fairly smooth. She's been getting 3 drugs every time and this is only 1 drug. Not as much of a punch. We are so glad she is almost done. It's been a looong few months emotionally.
For her especially, obviously.
3-4 weeks from now she'll start radiation and that will be for about a month.
She's looking forward to going to the beach above (Alligator Point) when she's past her treatment and gets her energy back.
I hope the chairs are still there....

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