Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to meeeeee!

Hitting the park before lunch!
Flaming Volcano roll....YES PLEASE!!!

Stella wanted to blow it out. She's gonna do great with her cake this year! ;)

Mario's step mom Susi, Stella, Moi, Mario, and Aubrey
Everyone plus Larry, Mario's dad.
So my official Birthday isn't even until tomorrow and it's already been a great birthday!!!
I had wanted a "real" camera for a while now...we have just one of those square digitals. It's totally fine but I really wanted a good camera. On the old one if you even zoomed the picture got fuzzy. Sooo, he went and looked Friday and showed me online this morning the one he was thinking of. Before we met everyone for lunch we went and got it for my Bday! I am SO excited. 14 mega pixels!!! Wooowho!!! Did I mention I'm excited???
After that, we went and met Mario's fam for sushi!!! It's been a while. Love me some sushi! Here's the first pics from the new camera at lunch. Thanks to Larry, Susi & Aubrey for meeting us and thanks for the nice gifts!
Good day so far right? So now I have some spaghetti simmering on the stove. We have sundaes and chocolate covered macadamia nuts (courtesy of my dad & Erin's trip to Hawaii) for desert. Then a movie with the hubby. Oh happy day! :)
Boy it's great being 25. Again. ;)
Ok, kidding.
Stay tuned, tomorrow we are headed for a beach day.
You can bet I'll be taking my new camera on a test drive!!!

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