Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break in Boca

This is right outside our room.
Walking around downtown
The 2 pictures above are waiting to have lunch at the "cheeseburger in paradise"...supposedly this is the place Jimmy Buffet wrote the song about. You can only get there by boat and there's a long wait but it's YUMMY! My favorite was the fresh shrimp and crab we had BEFORE the Burgers. I have a ton of pictures to upload so I think I am going to upload in sections throughout the day. I can't believe that we were there a week feels like ages ago. It's been a rough week back and am so glad we had this trip. More on all that at a later date. Today I am just going to focus on uploading all the boca pics, walking with my friend Jenny and her kids in a few and catching up around the house.

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