Thursday, April 29, 2010

Origin at Seahaven

Smelling the flowers
"Bawl" as Stella would say.
So after we checked in to our hotel it was a whole new weekend! We immediately took showers and relaxed on our patio. It made us enjoy it oh so much more. We did a little shopping at Pier Park and then went to dinner at Reggae J's. I had crab and Mario had a jerk platter. It was so good! After dinner we sat in the hot tub for a few minutes then got a great nights sleep in an amazingly comfy bed! Ahhh civilization! Beach time, then more shopping before heading home. Seriously one night there feels like a whole weekend. LOVE it!
To further support my retirement from camping, when we got home I discovered I had a hijacker. A tick!!! Oh. My. God. GROSS! Mario got him, but this was my first and hopefully my last. Bleck.

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