Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Where have the days gone???

Ok, I am not nearly as good at multi-tasking time management then I thought I was...the days are flying by. There are people I keep meaning to call (Hill & Heidi). I think I am at between 3-5 days behind on returning calls. Some days are good and she sleeps a lot, which I take advantage of by getting stuff done. Then on the other hand she sleeps all day=awake all night, so there has to be a good balance. Some days are harder, like today. This morning she threw up on me to be followed by eating a lot and not taking a long nap. It is almost 7 and the day has FLOWN by and I have got nothing on my list done. I have been meaning to mop the kitchen and clean our shower for 3 days. Enough complaining! She is doing great, has been sleeping well. Getting up once or twice, but more important going to sleep fairly quickly after eating and getting her diaper changed. We're maybe up for an hour. My mom gets here tom. night and we are excited for that. I haven't updated in days. I hope everyone is doing good and sorry if you have called and I am being a slacker about calling back...please don't take it personal. I'll get this down eventually! ;) Mario's family got me the book The Baby Whisperer which I have heard from so many people is a great book so I am going to try to read it when my mom is here. Happy Birthday to little Stella, she's 2 weeks old today! :) It feels like she's been here forever at least a lot longer then 2 weeks!


Cowan Family said...

No worries on calling back. I totally understand. Talk to you soon!

The Gibson's said...

I used The Baby Whisperer ALL the time when the twins were little. There were times literally I was reading it, trying to figure out how to get them to sleep in the middle of the night. It was my bible for a while in the early days!!! Good Luck! Trust me on this.....IT GET's EASIER!!!! The first month is the hardest!