Monday, November 3, 2008


Stella has her days and night all mixed up and likes to wake up at 11 pm and stay up until around 4:30 am. Needless to say I am a tad tired. It would be nice if she would at least sleep in 3 hour intervals but during the middle of the night if you put her down she will wake up and start crying within 15 minutes. During the day of course she is an angel. If anyone has any ingenius ideas please call me and fill me in. We've been trying different things every night hopefully she will just naturally adjust...and soon. Things are getting a tad foggy. :) Other then that we just fall more in love with her cute little face every day. We are so glad that she is here and happy and healthy. We already have taken a ton of pictures and I want to go back and post some more from the hospital etc, hopefully in the next day or so. I haven't even checked my email in days. The most I've been on the computer is for a few minutes to update pictures here so everyone far away can see her cute little self. I know I sure can't get enough! Well, except in the middle of the night.

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