Friday, November 4, 2011


Stella turned 3 last week.
Three. I still keep saying she's 2.
Three seems so much older then Two. 

My friend Christina took some beautiful pictures of Stella for her birthday.  I love so many of them! She totally captured Stella's BIG personality!  She did me a huge favor and took some with my Mom too since she was in town for Stella's birthday. You can find Christina, her beautiful pictures and her daughter (Stella's buddy) Addison here.
Thanks Christina!

I need to spend some time catching up. We went on a cruise. Alone.
My Mom came for a visit. Stella had a mermaid party. We've been busy.
Lot's coming up too.
Disney in a few weeks.
Then the holidays and SEATTLE!!! Yay!
Hopefully we'll have the first mellow weekend in a while this weekend
and I will catch up on my posts a little...

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