Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is it spring yet?

Auntie Carrie sent me a Christmas present!

What do you mean I'm making a mess? For the 20th time...today.

Ok so I know I have been REALLY bad about updating. Seriously though, I haven't really been taking many pictures. I am glad it is 2010. I love starting a New Year but I am SO ready to move on to February already. The last couple weeks has left me in a FUNK! Ok, 1 it is freezing. No really, freezing. We are talking 14 degrees the other night. It will warm up to between 30-50 during the day but 14 degrees in Florida, c'mon. We're going to need to go to Seattle to warm up!!! Haha. Since we rarely have cold fronts when we do it's like Seattle when it snows. This has been going on for about 10 days now. We have been sticking around the house...a lot.
2nd, Mario's dad and step mom went on 2 vacations back to back. Anyone that really knows us knows Aubrey spends part time with them also. They have been gone 14 days now, but who's counting, right? Most of this time was Christmas Break. Ok, I'm going to stop right here, but I'll just say it's been quite stressful. I can even tell you it is quite cheap to fly to Seattle right now if you were thinking of getting away for a bit stressful.
Well, then Stella ran through a pile of fire ants in our grass. I can't tell you how many posts I have actually written out in my head about the joys of bugs in our area. Fire ants are one of them. They bite. Leave little pimply looking things that itch. I was opening up the stroller to go on a walk and Stella ran across the grass. No biggie, right? Well, that was until I saw the ant pile. Ran and picked her up. She was wearing a tutu. Ants walking all up the tutu. So I am furiously pulling her shoes and all her clothes off to see bright red welts all over her feet. She's fine and they aren't "dangerous" unless your allergic, which we figured out she's not. Although, the Dr recommended 24 hours of Benedryl and calamine. She ended up with 7 on one foot, 3 on the other and 2 on her lower back. She's fine now though and you can still see where they were but are slowly dissipating.
So, all in all just between New Years and now has felt like a month in it's own.
Stella had a Dr appt last week.
She's 30 1/4 inches which is 60% in height
20 Lbs 13 Ozs which is 25% in weight
Ok, so I am going to end this lame downer of a update and go for a walk. Happy happy joy joy.

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