Friday, January 15, 2010


She figured this out last week. Just when you think everything is childproofed, she finds something new. She thinks it's funny!
This is one of her favorites! If she doesn't want to nap she will purposefully get her leg stuck in her crib slats. I'll watch her on the video monitor and she will stick both her legs through back and forth til one gets stuck. She knows Mommy will come rescue her. I was talking with my friend Heidi about this and she suggested a sleepsack so the little mermaid doesn't have a free leg! :)
These are a few cell phone pics that I just uploaded to our computer...

So, since the last post things are going nice and smooth! Mario and I had a 2 hour meeting with an objective party on one issue the other day, and I am feeling better regarding that aspect at the moment. More on the "same team".
It has warmed up some and is going to be almost 70 degrees today so we are going to take a nice long walk later!
We are going to have a nice family weekend. We are taking Stella out to dinner Sat. then coming home, putting her down and watching a movie. We've been hibernating lately because of the cold so it will be nice to get out.
On another note, we have been watching some of the coverage of Haiti. It is so sad and makes you think back to 5 years ago when the tsunami hit Phucket, Thailand. It's such a helpless feeling. You just think...what if this tragedy happened where I live. It doesn't help that Haiti was not exactly "earthquake ready" to begin with. It just reminds you to not dwell on the small negative things in your life. We are extremely lucky and I have been trying to focus on that. My cousin has been in the process for the last year of adopting a baby from Haiti. Her name is Ava and the orphanage she is coming from was right in the epicenter. They got news yesterday that she is ok! So that is great news for them!
I periodically peek in on this blog.
The other day she wrote a post that reminds you how fast your children grow up and to cherish ever minute...this also put things back in to perspective for me. If you are a parent take a second to read it. I am SO grateful for my sweet little baby Stella! :)
Have a great weekend!

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