Monday, December 21, 2009

Nothing much...

Did NOT like Santa. We'll try again next year. :)
I don't really have much to update. Haven't taken hardly any pics in the last few weeks. Also, the batteries in the camera mysteriously made their way into some other electronic device, most likely the Wii. When there has been a moment when I would usually grab the camera and take a pic I realize I have to track down some batteries so I put it off. I am going to take some from a remote somewhere as soon as I finish posting this though so I'm ready. I'm sure I'll be taking a lot this week so there will be plenty coming. I seriously don't know where batteries go. I think instead of a sock monster in the dryer we have a battery monster hiding somewhere in the house. We buy the rechargable ones by the 8 pack. You would think we would have enough to cover all our devices. But between, remotes, toys, tools, and the Wii we can't keep them around. Seriously the Wii alone takes like 8 or 10. The board takes 4, each remote is 2. Ok so I am going to wrap this lame post about batteries and will be back soon!
Oh on a Stella note though, she is teething again. She didn't get any teeth in for a few months. She has had 6 for a while. Now her top left next to the 2 front is coming in. They've been bothering her so she's been up at night quite a bit. 3 times Sat night and once last night. She had one of those screaming in pain meltdowns before bed though. I hate those, they make me cry. We calmed her down, got some tylenol in her, gave her a bath and held her and she was better within the hour. Poor baby. I'm scared of when the BIG molars come in. One thing I won't miss is seeing her in pain from teething. I HATE IT!
Ok, well everyone have a GREAT pre-Christmas week. Luckily we are ALL DONE! Whooowho. Just need a little candy for stockings but other then that we are good to go!

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