Friday, March 6, 2009

Stella the little ham...

Am I cute or what?
Stella is SO funny! I was getting her dressed yesterday and she was posing for me. We are convinced she already knows when mommy wants to take her picture and I think she figures if she just cooperates it will be over quicker! ;)

She's now caught on to grabbing the toy and inserting it into her mouth. She would grab things before but couldn't quite make her mouth. Just last night she started copying me. If you make a motor sound with your mouth/lips she will do it back. Mostly bubbles come out, it is quite funny. She was cracking up Mario this morning with the new trick! We are going to the beach at St George Island tomorrow. There is a chili cook off and it is going to be 80 degrees so we are going to hit the beach after we grab some chili! Yay!

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