Monday, March 9, 2009

Chili Cook Off!

We set her beach tent up and she loved it! She even took a nap in it. So nice! As you can tell she was rather comfortable!

She loved watching Aubrey build a sandcastle!

Saturday we spent the day at St George Island which is where we got married. It was a beautiful day and about 80 degrees down there. It reminded me of the week of the wedding and how many good memories we have there. It was such a great week and so wonderful to have all these special memories with all of our family. It made me a little nostalgic!!!
They were having a big chili cookoff festival there last weekend. We walked around for a while and sampled some chili then headed down the beach a bit and set up camp where it was a little quieter. Stella had a great time and was so good, she even took a nap in her tent. Aubrey took a walk on the beach and her and Mario built sandcastles. Everyone got some sun (except Stella Roo) and had a relaxing, fun day at the beach!

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