Tuesday, January 6, 2009

70 Degrees and Sunny!

Well it's been nice to be back home after our trip. Stella is doing good and her stomach has seemed to pretty much settle down. She's big on catnaps and the last few days I've had a hard time getting her to take more then a 20 min nap during the day. I've tried pretty much all I can think of. She's full, clean, burped, swaddled, rocked, and read to. She will fall asleep but then not long after being put down she's ready and raring to go. Right this moment she is in her crib protesting, although not very hard so we'll see. She's totally laughing, smiling and has more and more faces. She's very expressive. She has chubby little cheeks but I think she looks bigger then she actually is in pictures. She's still pretty much a peanut. In a few weeks she will be 3 months. She still has room to grow in her 0-3 clothes so she seems to be pretty true to size. It's been over 70 degrees here, almost 80 one day, which is a nice change after being in the 30 degrees and snowing weather for a few weeks. We go on walks and she absolutely loves a breeze on her face. She'll turn her face up to it and loves looking at the sky and trees!
She's started to be able to use her Bumbo chair Auntie Carrie and Uncle Craig got her! She looks like a big girl in it!
Sticking my tongue out!

Whew, I'm tired!
Ha Ha! Just Kidding!

I guess I'll take a cat nap!

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